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7 Ways to Promote Your Website Locally

Now that you’ve built your new website you can
sit back and let it do all the work, right? Well no. Unlike in “Field of
Dreams” if you build it, they won’t necessarily come, at least not until you
ask them to! That’s where web site promotion comes in. Web site promotion
provides that vital link between that great site you’ve built (or had built)
and everyone that you want to come see it!

Often new site owners either don’t know that they
need to promote their new site or they follow the trend of only promoting their
site on the search engines like Google and MSN. While it is always important to
get your site listed with all the major search engines (and most of the smaller
ones), you might be overlooking a vital part of promoting your site, promoting
your web site locally.

A small business will often it’s
website to provide a “Showroom” for their products, information about their
business, and directions to help potential customers find their
business. Their main goal often is to attract customers locally or from
nearby towns and cities, so some additional strategy is useful in promoting
their site.

Local website
promotion checklist

1. Local Newspaper: Many local papers have a section to introduce your business to
the area. Write a small article about your business and submit it to the

2.Press Releases: This is a formal release about your business. There are many
places on the Internet that will publish press releases for free. This can be a
good way to be sure your business can be found on the Internet. Often local
papers will also run these releases.

3.Niche Marketing: For local businesses, be sure your keywords (both in your
content and in the Meta Tags) include local cities and towns. When some one
types in “Used cars” in the search box it will return thousands of results.
When they narrow it down to “Used cars ‘YourTown’”, you want your web site to
be high in the listings.

4.Email Signature: Most email programs
allow you to add a signature to the bottom, include your web site address. This
allows you to tell a little about your business and maybe announce a special
your company is having. Keep these short and to the point.

5.Business Cards: Be sure your web site URL is on all paper correspondence and on your
business cards.

6.Phone book: When you put your listing in the phone book for a little extra you
can add your website URL, which may also be added to the yellow page phone
directory. Google keeps a yellow page directory based on phone number listings,
in time your business and URL will be listed there.

7.Be Creative: The more often someone sees your web site URL the more likely
they will remember it when they need your product. Find ways to display your
web site URL in your store and any other place the public may see it.

Home Based Business – Which One is Right For You?

Often when thinking of starting a home business, we ask which are the best and the right opportunities available in the market for us. Choosing a home business that can make money is not an easy task.Some people may make plenty of money in a particular opportunity, but if they are put in a business that they do not feel passionate about, they may not be able to make a cent. This is disturbing, but it is the hard truth. So the vital question remains- how do you find a suitable home business that suits all your requirements.You need to first look at what are your positive points, your skills and abilities. What is the business that you can best do profitably? Is it selling a product or a service or is it marketing?Some home based businesses involve door to door marketing, if you are not comfortable with talking to people face to face then this would not be recommended for you. Always consider if the marketing techniques that are required are something that you would want to do. After all, to be successful in business, 70% or more of your hard work should be in the marketing instead of any other area.There are many types of home business opportunities apart from marketing which can range from selling detergent and even offering car washing services to selling computer parts. If you do not have any interest in computers for example, then it would not be advisable for you to sell computers or for that matter take up any other home business related to computers.Doing your due diligence is essential so that you are fully informed before making a decision and parting with your valuable time and money. Doing research is free, so spend the time finding something that would be suitable for you.Always remember, a home based business requires a large amount of commitment. It can be tough, but not impossible to find one that meets your requirements and needs. Once you find such a home based business that suits you, you will be more inclined to give it 100 percent of your effort and you can be confident of achieving your best results.

Home Based Business – More Profitable Than the Mortgage Industry

How is it that mortgage industry professionals are finding that starting a home based business can be a lot more profitable than struggling to keep their heads above water in their own field? The answer is simple – the gains to be earned from a home based business are so attractive that it is not surprising that so many people from the mortgage industry are changing gears, and starting an online business of their own.The situation in the mortgage industry is not ideal at the moment, and the outlook for the immediate future does not look much better. The effects of the recession are being unmistakably felt in the mortgage industry, and many companies have been hard hit.Businesses in the industry are finding that revenues have dropped drastically. This has happened for several reasons. First, mortgage rates have not been this low in over a decade. Second, because of the low mortgage rates home owners are reducing the time period of their mortgages. Third, the number of people purchasing a home has dropped along with with those who were refinancing existing properties. These reasons are not conducive to helping the mortgage industry grow, it is causing staggering unemployment numbers and many have been put entirely our of business.What are the viable alternatives available to mortgage industry professionals seeking alternate sources of income? The most appropriate answer is starting one’s own home based business.Is it more advantageous to be a mortgage industry professional that starts his or her own home based business? Yes, the advantages are many and diverse.A home based business when leveraged with hard work and determination will offer financial security on a satisfying scale.A traditional mortgage industry professional is used to working long hours for a fixed remuneration. Starting a home based business offers more freedom and leisure time that will allow them to spend time with family and attend to other commitments. Advances in technology make it a simple matter to set up and operate such a home based online business with a global reach and billions of potential customers.
For the optimum utilization of his or her skills and experience in the mortgage industry, a mortgage professional can even start a home base mortgage broker online business. This way, your professional skills can be utilized, while all the advantages of a home based business are still enjoyed by you.